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   It is destined to be used at all types of offices (in banks, mainly), where the clerk and the public find it hard to communicate due to the way the office counter was built.
   The two communication lines are blocked in the stand-by mode. When a certain power sound signal appears at one of the microphones, that line is activated (the power limits for activating the lines are adjustable).
   In case there are sound signals at both microphones, the more powerful signal activates the line. In case both lines have the sound signal of equal power, the "operational microphone - outside speaker" is activated.
   The sound signal has a constant value in the speakerphones thanks to an automated control system, and does not depend upon the microphone sound which may vary within rather large limits.
   The equipment is delivered with high quality finishing, the metal parts are electro statically painted, thus having a high mechanical protection.
   The component parts of this equipment are of highest quality. This equipment has been patented by the TRADE AND PATENTS STATE OFFICE IN ROMANIA in 1999.
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   This equipment is destined to be used in companies, for communication purposes between manager and employees, in dwellings with several apartments, etc.
   Two communication lines connect the caller and the called persons, having galvanic couplings. The system can have several calling lines.
   The equipment is delivered with high quality finishing, the metal parts could be galvanized or electro statically painted, thus having a high mechanical protection
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   The equipment can be installed in dwellings such as houses or villas, allowing communication between a central station and several terminals (access gate, garage, rooms for house staff, various household additions to structure, etc.). The terminal for communication is selected from the central station by means of a switch.
   This equipment can also control, from the central station, one or several electromagnetic locks.
   The finishing is of high quality, according to purpose, thus having a high mechanical protection as well as weather-fastness.

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   It is meant for conference rooms, and it includes a central unit with microphone connections and functional group drawers for the stage and the audience. The central station can also have connections for the head-pieces meant for simultaneous translation.
   The microphone assignment in the room is controlled from the central station on the stage.
   Considering the purpose of this equipment, its finishing is of high quality, thanks to modern technologies of electrostatic painting, thus allowing a high mechanical protection.

Equipment used to rescue people confined in narrow spaces
Equipment used to rescue people confined in narrow spaces

   S.C.DOUBLEJOHN Prodservice S.R.L., produced an "Equipment used to rescue people confined in narrow spaces, model JJ-15". The equipment was designed and manufactured in order to rescue people confined in narrow spaces such as wells, fountains, caves, water ducts etc.
The electronic part can also be used to investigate buildings destroyed by natural disasters and where survivors may still exist. The investigation probe having small dimensions can be introduced between the ruins in order to investigate, assess and analyse the existing situations, in order to prevent undesirable events which might appear in the course of rescue operations.
The electronic equipment can also be used to inspect technological ducts. Being equipped with the investigation probe, the inspector can communicate with the other members of the team, exchanging technical information and broadcasting images from the inspection place.
This equipment consists of two parts: the electronic equipment and the mechanical equipment.
The electronic equipment is made of the "Investigation Probe" (I.P.) wire connected, up to 100 m long, to the "Central Unit" (C.U.).
C.U. has the role to monitor and control the rescue activities, through video and audio system, a 7 inch-LCD video monitor, a microphone and a loud speaker, connected to a controller module; the microphone and the loud speaker of the I.P. are as well connected to this controller module. Due to this controller module, the audio connexion is extremely sensitive, permitting the weakest vital signs to be sensed, such as heavy breathing with moaning, when I.P. is close to the confined person.
I.P. wire connected to the C.U. disposes of a video camera, a LED diode mini projector of high light intensity and power saving, a microphone and loud speaker. Due to the audio/video communication system, communication connexions may be established with persons being in extreme situations in order to assess their physical and psychological estate. The fact that there is a communication channel increases the person's hope to be rescued. I.P. can be introduced in numerous narrow spaces, difficult to access, through a bar made of duct segments of aluminium alloy, which can interconnect easily, rapidly and safely. Being light, it can be easily manipulated by the investigator without any particular physical effort.
Another probe can be connected to the C.U., which it consists of a mini projector and a video camera which is protected in order to be used in aquatic environments, having enough transparency degree to ensure usability of the images broadcasted by the camera and rendered on the monitor. The equipment can be charged by the electric network 230V/50 Hz c.a. or by its own accumulator which ensures an energetic independence of almost 6h at its total capacity. For emergency situations, it can be connected for charging to an exterior accumulator.
In case of natural disaster, the fact that the equipment is charged from a source independent from the electric network makes it to be highly used; used as well in places where there is no other power source.<> The mechanical equipment consists of square section tubes of aluminium alloy. The particular composition of the tubes ensures a high mechanical endurance. The 2 metre tubes are easily, rapidly and safely interconnected until they reach the wanted length. The first segment has a particular construction permitting it to become "L-shaped" and thus becoming kind of a "chair".
Due to the existence of the investigation probe I.P., the rescue operation is permanently monitored by the recue team which is able to change the rescue type when unforeseen situations appear. The mechanical equipment is completed by a subassembly for position stabilisation which is jointly connected to the first tube segment.
This subassembly stabilises the position of the confined person, during the extraction operation, through another system of circular section tubes of aluminum alloy.

   The supplied voltage values are between 3 V and 35 V d.c., in regular (standard) or varying stages, depending on request. The load current shall not exceed 4A.
   The equipment is a whole unit in a steel case. The case is galvanized or electro statically painted, depending on request.
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   This equipment is designed and manufactured to be used mainly for increasing security of rooms with special doors (bank safe deposits, strong boxes, etc.) Access is blocked by means of a mechanical shutter that is operated by hand following the cipher combination and time delay. The device is located on the outside of the door (safe deposit room, cash box) so that there is no need to interfere with the inside mechanism of the door which can work without any obstacle from the lock unit. It has the advantage, besides keeping out the unauthorized persons, that it can be installed on the equipment already there, without any changes of the locking systems.
   The access code can be mechanic or electronic, the advantage stays with latter , which can be programmed, thus having a larger number of combinations and a much easier operation.
   This equipment has been installed at the Romanian Bank branches offices
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   The electronic code for access control is meant for access doors of dwellings, institutions, storage rooms or other spaces for special purposes.
   It can also be used to activate or deactivate the danger alarm and monitoring systems.
   The equipment includes:
   - keyboard, including 16 keys distributed on four rows and four columns, installed outside, in access area;
   - electronic unit;
   - supply source, that can be: charger connected to the 220 V single phase electric network; 50 Hz battery, or accumulator.
   The last two equipment components are set inside.
   The equipment can be used as follows:
   ==> version 1: impulse for short command of access;
   ==> version 2:various commands for activation, and deactivation;
   ==> version 3: unique command for activation, and deactivation.
   Mention should be made that unlike the first version, when a short time access impulse is ordered (2 - 3 seconds), during the last two versions, the last order is held until a new order is given.
   The producer company sets the version to be used at the client's request.
   The whole manufacture and finishing of the equipment are of highest quality, and highly mechanic protected keyboards can be delivered upon request.
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   This product can be included in any conference system or audio communication system, and it has an advantage over the usual microphones, i.d. it gives a constant signal at its outlet, regardless of the speaker's position to the microphone, within the coverage limit range.

   This is destined to limit people access to certain areas. Consequently, it can be installed on any type of door ( left side or right side) where the distance measured between the door handle axis and the frontal breech plate is 40 mm at least.
   The mechanic door (breech) shutting system is activated by an ON/OFF electronic control.
   This electronic equipment for people access limit has been built to allow simple mechanic installation and easy programming.
Access entrance code includes 4 characters that could be letters, digits or their combinations. The access code can be easily modified by the user, whenever he thinks necessary.
Electric supply by means of 8 AA alkaline batteries lasts 2 years or 20 000 operations. The equipment includes a noise and optical signalling system operating when the battery needs charging.
The metal parts are covered by electrostatic painting or zinc coating.
   In case of emergency, the door can by opened with a key. This electronic equipment for people access limit can be used in companies, institutions, offices, warehouses, garages, laboratories, as well as hotels.
   The equipment is used for safe doors or safe deposits, in order to prevent access of unauthorized persons. This product has the advantage of being able to connect to any mechanical closing system there, all is needed is the consent of the producer of the above mentioned closing system.
   The equipment provides utmost security for cash registers in supermarkets which operate with large amounts of cash.
   The equipment allows run - off control, interlock, and mode signaling, according to the security norms, of the cash register doors, as well as of the doors to the premises where the cash registers are located.
   This equipment has been installed at Cora Hypermarket in Bucharest.
   This product is used for charging and stand-by holding on Pb and acid accumulators. It is different from other similar products, since thanks to the input current limiting, and this characteristic is set beforehand, depending on the accumulator capacity, its working time at optimum level lasts longer.
   It is delivered with various technical characteristics ( voltage and output current), upon the user's request, depending on the type of the accumulators used before.